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Concept Library Documentation


The concept library is a system for storing, managing, sharing, and documenting clinical code lists in health research. The specific goals of this work are:

  • Store code lists along with metadata that captures important information about quality, author, etc.
  • Store version history and provide a way to unambiguously reference a particular version of a code list.
  • Allow programmatic interaction with code lists via an API, so that they can be directly used in queries, statistical scripts, etc.
  • Provide a mechanism for sharing code lists between projects and organizations.


The Concept Library is currently available to users of the SAIL Databank. Log in using your SAIL credentials to the following sites:


Internal: (enter this address in your web browser inside the SAIL gateway).

General Information

01 Introduction to the Concept Library


02 Search and View Concepts

03 Creating and Editing Concepts

04 Create and Edit Working Sets

06 Connecting to the Concept Library API from R

05 API Client Access

07 Phenotype.ID

08 Saving codes from the Concept Library into the SAIL DB2 database

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  1. Thanks Muhammad Elmessary. Maybe if we get enough likes it will go viral!

  2. I can't see where it says how you get access to this. It says it's available inside and outside the gateway, but where? 

    1. You can now access it at these URLs: (outside gateway) (inside gateway)

      In both cases, log in with SAIL gateway credentials.

      (We are about to officially release this, and were preparing this documentation in advance of that. Hence why there was no information yet).

  3. Anonymous

    How do we create an account? I understand the use of this whole package is practically none if you don't have an account?

    1. You can access the website and public API and use the content without an account. We are working on the next phase of development which will enable a broader group of users to log in and create content.

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